I am excited to announce Melt Massage is reopening! Relative to Covid, this reopening comes with several changes:

  1. a solo practice for me (Hana)
  2. starting with 1 hour sessions only until I’ve reconditioned my body for longer sessions up to my classic 4 hour massage
  3. scheduling appointments every other week
  4. two new locations in Oakland, offered relative to your vaccination status
  5. following new Covid protocols

Covid protocols:

In addition to previous standard practices for the prior 20 years of:
– using fresh and clean massage table linens for each client
– washing hands and arms deeply between clients (at least 20 seconds with soap)
– rescheduling instead of seeing clients who show up sick (see Cancelation Policy)
– monitoring my own health daily and rescheduling appointments accordingly when necessary
– cleaning high touch surfaces daily

I am also now:
– cleaning and sanitizing all high-touch surfaces between every client
– cleaning and sanitizing the massage table and headrest between every client
– having clients complete a pre-screen health questionnaire before the session
– upon arrival
– asking clients to wash their hands well, even if recently washed
– reviewing the pre-screen health answers for any changes since completion
– taking our temperatures to ensure neither of us have a fever
– wearing my mask the entire time we’re together and requesting you do the same in order for us to proceed
– excluding face work for now
– keeping windows open and air circulating in the room
– allowing 1 hour between clients to air out the room.

Revisions to this plan will continue to adapt to changing demands of our health environment. Stay tuned. And thank you for your patience as this website continues to be updated.

Until my new online scheduling system is up and running, please contact me directly to book your next Melt Massage. Call/text: 510-418-4262 or email:

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