Ice or Heat? (a quick take)

Dealing with stiff, stubborn, chronic tension that just won’t let go? Maybe what you need is Contrast Therapy.

Contrast Therapy is the application of alternating heat and ice on an area. This is traditionally done at Japanese On-sen hotsprings, alternating between a hot tub and a cold plunge. You can do this at home, without tubs, and on specific body parts instead of your whole body, with ice and heat packs.

Start with a heat pack, as hot as you can bear comfortably. Leave on until it doesn’t feel hot anymore, maybe 1-2 minutes, but look to bodytime, not clock time, to answer this question of how long.

Next, apply an ice pack, as cold as you can bear, until it doesn’t feel cold anymore, maybe 1-2 minutes.

Repeat above 2 more times.

If you end with ice it is *important* to wait to move letting the treated area come back to normal body temperature before using those shrunken muscles again as any normal engagement will occur as a stretch on iced/shortened muscles.

If you end with heat, try engaging in gentle massage or stretching the area concerned, but, again, let it rest before reengaging in regular activity.

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