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Gift Certificates may now be purchased anytime via Square.

Or if you prefer payment by cash or check, Zelle (to or Venmo (to @theMeltMassage not @MeltMassage,) download the Gift Certificate shown below and it will be activated upon receipt of purchase, at which time the Gift Certificate Number and Expiration Date will be provided.


Gift Certificate Policies: Have a Gift Certificate you haven’t used up yet? You’ve got credit!

Gift Certificates have a recommended expiration date of 6 months from date of purchase to encourage gifts to be redeemed. However, in the State of California, Gift certificates don’t expire, but as rates change, their value does change.

If a Gift Certificate is not redeemed before the rate for a gifted service changes, the length of service will be reduced or a balance may be paid at the time of service to correspond with the current rate for that service. (Rates do not change very often.)

Extending Expirations: If you have a Gift Certificate which has expired or will expire before you are able to use it, please contact me.

Refunds: Refunds may be issued at full value within 30 days of purchase (less processing fees when purchased by credit card). After 30 days an additional $25 service fee will be charged for refunds.

These policies are subject to change without notice.

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