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Couples Massage Class!


(Makes a great gift!)

Do you want to know how to give and receive an even better massage at home? For any pair of people who love to give, and receive, massage from each other. In 60 minutes, start leveraging the skills I’ve learned from 30 years of practice to both give and receive a great massage, every time. Feel better right away and take home the tools to continue getting better and better at giving a massage that makes them Melt. In person – all Covid protocols followed. Also offered Virtually to do from the comfort of your own home.

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Virtual Massage? Yes! (it works!)


Revised June 16, 2023

Although there were many trials and tragedies from the pandemic, one thing I’m grateful for is that it gave birth to Melt’s Virtual Massage services!

It is different. But, it works!

Now offering Virtual Instruction in:

  • Self-care with Self-Massage Class
  • Other-care with massage for one another; friends, family or lovers, as “Couples Massage Class
    • or Mother/Father & Daughter/Son Massage!

Clients of Virtual Massage Services say,

“Feeling good. Slept better last night.” Rebecca D.

“…really appreciate getting to learn some new techniques and ways to make massages easier and more effective.” – Carla H.

“My pain seems to me to be markedly diminished….You are a good and patient teacher.” – Glenn H.


How it works – by video call:

  • We start with a Discovery Dialogue
    • For self-care, to more effectively treat your discomfort, we review 10 topics to more fully understand the nature it
    • For other-care, we review your top 2 or 3 nagging physical complaints
  • We Set Goals and Establish Expectations for our time together
  • We assess your baseline Knowledge and I add to it

How long it takes ~ 1hr:

  • 15-30 minutes for Discovery dialogue
  • 30-45 minutes for goals, expectations, demonstration and instruction

What to expect ~ Relief!

  • In the comfort of your own home
  • Fully clothed
  • We will
    • establish a baseline for skills
      • What self/other care do you already do?
      • What works/doesn’t?
      • What do you want to work better?
    • demonstrate techniques
      • you show me – what you do, so I can determine what to add to it
      • I show you / guide you – what else I would do
        • leveraging what you already do
          • + ergonomic tips
          • + how to get more out of what you already do
        • adding easy-to-use secrets I’ve learned over 20 years
          • customized for what works for (both of) you
    • practice, review & refine techniques for
      • safety,
      • effectiveness &
      • stamina.

What to take away – New Skills!

  • By the time we’re done you should have new and proven, easy and effective ways to help yourself and the loved ones in your germ-pod feel lasting relief from stress and tension leveraging your learning from one massage to the next.

How to schedule / For more information:

  • email:
  • call / text: 510-418-4262

Looking forward to connecting with you.

In health,


Spring Clean your Body!

In this era for most people, the New Year is celebrated in the dead of winter. Millions of people around the world for over 3,000 years have been, and will today and for the next 13 days, be celebtating New Year or Nowruz, on the spring or vernal equinox.

Traditional celebrations include music, rituals and special things to eat. Some people celebrate this time of year by doing a deep cleaning of their homes, their lives or their bodies.

During this time of rising energy, are you doing or considering doing a cleanse?

If so, it’s a great time to use massage to help your body detox. Massage itself is detoxing and there are specific immune system boosting and detoxing techniques you can ask for to help you with your cleanse, including an abdominal massage. It can be gentle and very effective to help you let go of old stuff. To learn more, just ask.

However you celebrate, I’m wishing each and every one of you a very Happy New Year on this first day of Spring!

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Melt Specials

On Piedmont Avenue we are celebrating Women’s History Month with the brand new Women of the Avenue Shopping Passport! It offers specials and savings for men, women and non-binary folks at many Women Owned Businesses, including Melt!

At Melt:

  1. Check out one of Melt’s self-care videos,
  2. post your feedback on Melt’s Facebook page, and
  3. receive a Complimentary Pain Relief Discovery Call!

Collect 6 stamps between various participating businesses and be entered into the raffle to

Win a 30 minute Melt Massage!

Pick up a paper Passport at any participating business, including outside of Melt, at 3852 Piedmont Avenue, and follow the steps to specials and prizes!



Revised Cancelation Policy

Possibly sick at your Massage Appointment? Read the latest updated policy to learn more:

Many contagious illnesses, from the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, to the common cold, can be spread by sneezing, coughing or even talking near someone. In support of our health, and maintaining a healthy environment for your massage where we will spend time near each other, we do not massage people when they are sick or “getting over being sick.” Getting a massage when you’re sick or have recently been exposed to someone who is sick is a bad idea for you and for the therapist as it could make your illness worse and spread the illness.

If you have any symptoms of being sick within 5 days before your appointment, please reschedule. Also, if you are not actively sick, but have been around someone within the last 5 days who you know is or has recently been sick, please reschedule.

If you show up to an appointment when you have recently been exposed to someone actively sick or are sick yourself, full payment for your appointment may be due and service declined. To avoid this uncomfortable and costly situation, as soon as you think you may be sick by your appointment time, and no later than 24 hours before your appointment, please reschedule.*

According to the Mayo Clinic the incubation period of a cold, after exposure and before the first symptom, can be 1-3 days. Before we show any symptoms, we may also be spreading a cold. “A person with a cold is contagious for the entire time their symptoms are present.”

We know Covid is contagious with our without symptoms, from 2-14 days for most people, longer for others. This is why I still mask.

If you have had Covid before your massage make sure you have had two sequential negative tests at least one day apart and have been 100% free of symptoms for at least 5 days.


You have the power to prevent the spread of disease. Please exercise this power.


To learn more, read the full Cancelation Policy.


In Service of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day my day of service at work will give to the cause with a donation of proceeds to the Kingmakers of Oakland.



Proceeds from all massages and gift certificates purchased this day will go toward that donation.

Introducing…. Live Chat for Pain Relief!

Have you ever woken up with a crick in your neck?

Had your back “go out” on you picking something simple up off the floor?

Had a nagging pain that pain killers can’t fix?

Now Melt Massage is offering Live Chat for Pain Relief. When you are in pain or discomfort, want relief now, and all the things you’ve tried aren’t working, sometimes taking a few minutes to talk it through with a skilled advanced bodyworker is enough to get you on the road to recovery.

In as few as 5-15 minutes by phone, I’ve been able to help ease people’s pain talking through symptoms to solutions that they can do right now without waiting for an appointment with a professional service provider.

If you can’t wait to get relief, consider Melt’s new Live Chat. Text: 510-418-4262 during business hours: Monday – Thursday 10am-6pm. Replies normally within 2 hours.

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