“I slipped into a dream, so relaxed, so quickly. That’s never happened in 30 years,” from massage with Stephen.   Monica C., 3/13/20

After working with Joanna, “I (hadn’t realized I) never had a real massage before.” Mark D., Athlete, 8/27/19


“One hour with you was better than a 2 hour cupping massage. This was the best massage I’ve ever had.” Sierra L., about Hana, 8/27/19


I started research while in Bermuda 3 months before traveling to have my massage at Melt. I knew this was the right place.” Trina T., 8/13/19


“Yum!” Rosa A., about Joanna, 5/6/17


“I have been waiting for you all of my life.” Another massage therapist, about Hana, 5/18/17


“(After coming in with back pain,) I can put my socks on now.” Lauren W., about Hana, 5/15/17


“Everything I’d hoped for.” Amanda K., about Hana, 12/26/16


“Exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be back for more.” Brittany B., about Joanna and Hana, 12/23/16


“Magical.” Johnny T., about Adriana, 12/8/16


“My session with Joanna was amazing…transforming. I was in so much pain before I arrived and upon leaving, my neck and back felt 1000x better…as well as having my body feel better prepared for surgery. I am so glad I reached out and I am go grateful Joanna was available to work on me. Thank you so much.” A. H. about Joanna, 12/6/16


“I have new feet!.” Jill D, about Hana, 12/6/16


“I just can’t get that relaxed elsewhere. I feel transported.” Clara L, about Adriana, 11/21/16


“(I travel internationally for work and because of seeing Joanna) I came back from my trip not destroyed.” Ana-Marie E., about Joanna 11/1/16


“I lost my mind….which is the point, right? I could feel where my brain let go.” Rinah K, about Hana, 9/16/16


“I feel taller, straighter.” Anagha A., about Joanna, 7/12/16


“That was the best massage I have ever had.” Leah I., about Adriana, 5/31/15


(After the massage) “I think I never actually had a massage before. That was amazing.” Glenn P., about Hana, 2/27/16


“VERY good…..You should rename your place to ‘Drool.'” — Tim J.


“I’ve been getting massages forever. That was like the best massage ever. You are really good.” — Kelly C.-G.


“Hana made me feel relaxed and safe throughout my massage. I even fell asleep.”— Michelle McK.


“Oh my God, that was the best 2 hours of my life.” — Barbara T.


“Hana, (the “Chair Massage Goddess”) provides the most satisfying chair massage in twenty minutes that I have ever had! Period.” — Geoff S.


“You are a true healer! It’s like my neck injury never happened.” — Lizzi G.


“I feel like a waterfall.” — Kathleen G.


“I’m at peace with the world.” — Ellen G.


“I feel like a wet noodle. Thank you.” — Esther T.


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