Descriptions of Services

As Covid is not done with us, I continue to follow Covid Safety protocols.

Because virtual services were so successful during the Shelter in Place, I am also continuing to offer services Virtually where you can tap into your inner massage therapist! Learn from the experts what makes a great massage so you can give, and receive, it at home!

Your body is a diverse landscape. Therefore, each session is a custom blend of styles to best achieve your goal of relaxation or pain relief. This blend can be of any of the following styles.


Swedish Style — broad, long strokes
Contact — skin, with lotion
Purpose — relax superficial muscles, increase circulation

Sports Massage Style — mixed; deep work, kneading & stretches
Contact — skin or over clothes
Purpose — enhance performance and prevent injury

Deep Tissue Style — slow, deep work
Contact — skin or over clothes
Purpose — relax deep muscles, decrease tension

Pregnancy Style — mixed; strokes & deep work
Contact — skin, with lotion
Purpose — increase circulation & ease aches & pains from pregnancy

Reflexology Style — specific point work
Contact — skin of the hands & feet
Purpose — stimulate energy flow through reflex points

Trigger Point Style — specific point work
Contact — skin
Purpose — to relieve generalized tension of muscles from centralized point

Myofascial Release Style — broad and slow
Contact — dry skin
Purpose — stretching connective tissue

New: Scar Tissue Release Style —tiny, light and specific strokes (McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release)
Contact — dry skin
Purpose — decrease size and impact of scar, increase flow of bodily fluids through restricted tissue, increase comfortable range of motion that lasts


  • Cupping – placing special silicone cups on well-oiled skin in a way that creates suction to draw out tension and toxins from the tissue. Cups stay in place or slide over an area. Either way, space is created between the skin and muscles, increasing blood flow to tight areas and easing tension. Reviewed by NIH. Used in the Olympics and Hollywood.
  • Skin brushing – with natural bristle brushes, exfoliating dead skin to reveal youthful, healthy skin. Increases energy, stimulates lymphatic flow and the boosts the immune system.

Private Classes for Couples: Great for any pair of people who love to give, and receive, massage from each other. In 60 minutes, start leveraging the skills I’ve learned from 30 years of practice to both give and receive a great massage, every time. Feel better right away and take home the tools to continue getting better and better at giving a massage that makes them Melt. In person – all Covid protocols followed. Also offered Virtually to do in the comfort of your own home.


Coming soon…

Public Classes for Individuals: Ever wanted to learn how to not get tired giving a massage? Want to learn some new techniques to share with friends and family? Classes for Individuals coming soon! What do you want to learn? Let me know.

Session lengths from 1 to 4 hours in length. For more information, see Rates.

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