Descriptions of Services

Because we specialize in therapeutic massage, each session is a custom blend of styles you and the therapist agree on to best achieve your goal of relaxation or pain relief. This blend can be of any of the following styles most often used by our therapists. If you don’t see a service listed that you know works best for you, please contact us. We may also be certified to provide that to you.

Swedish Style — broad, long strokes
Contact — skin, with lotion
Purpose — relax superficial muscles, increase circulation

Sports Massage Style — mixed; deep work, kneading & stretches
Contact — skin or over clothes
Purpose — enhance performance and prevent injury

Deep Tissue Style — slow, deep work
Contact — skin or over clothes
Purpose — relax deep muscles, decrease tension

Pregnancy Style — mixed; strokes & deep work
Contact — skin, with lotion
Purpose — increase circulation & ease aches & pains from pregnancy

(Please note: not all our therapists are certified in Pregnancy massage. If you are pregnant, or think you might be when you come in, please make sure you book a pregnancy massage so you get a therapist certified to work with you while pregnant.)

Reflexology Style — specific point work
Contact — skin of the hands & feet
Purpose — stimulate energy flow through reflex points

Couples (“Duet”) Massage
You arrive together. You leave relaxed together. Our best way to achieve this is to provide each of you with the massage you need in the privacy of your own individual room.


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