Welcome to our Melt Massage Massage Video page. Introduction to Hana Levin, Massage Therapist, with special massage tip! Tennis Ball for Self Massage v 1 Stress Less in 3 Easy Breaths Lower back tight? Stretch with me Forearms tight? Stretch with me Adaptation of the first video in case it’s easier for your knees. Quiet […]

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Top Ten things to know for how to get a great massage: Remember your therapist wants to give you a great massage. Your therapist is not psychic (at least I believe most are not, truly, psychic, and would you want them to be? to be able to read your every thought? I wouldn’t. 🙂 Your […]


Frequently Asked Questions What is your cancellation policy? We have a Cancellation Policy – please review it here on our Cancellation Policy Page. What should I expect from my first massage? Before the session  – have a stomach relatively empty of food or drink so that when you are lying down on it, you are not […]

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Wellness Network: Affiliations of Melt Massage in Montclair Village, Oakland, CA, and beyond Our commitment to your health and well-being goes beyond our massage room. If there is something you need that we cannot provide, our goal is that you get it. We work toward providing qualified referrals in our community to serve those needs. […]
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