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Welcome to our Melt Massage Massage Video page. We’re located in Montclair, Oakland CA. Click for directions.

Introduction to Hana Levin, Massage Therapist, with special massage tip!

Tennis Ball for Self Massage v 1

Stress Less in 3 Easy Breaths

Melt Massage and Hana Levin

Hana Levin has nearly 30 years experience and certificates in Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy massage, Reflexology, Trigger Point and Hospice massage among others. She says, “Neither my years nor my many trainings make me an expert in you. You know what feels good to your own body. We work together to get you the best massage possible, every time.”

With her team of advanced bodyworkers, they relieve stress and tension in people’s bodies 7 days a week, evenings and weekends, and in-between provide resources like these videos to help you get relief until your next massage.

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