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Welcome to Melt Massage…

In response to COVID-19, we continue to adapt to the changing demands of this personal and global health crisis. Read more in our latest Blog Post.

This does not change what we believe.

You are unique in all the world. There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone exactly like you. That deserves to be honored, respected and celebrated.

That’s why at Melt Massage, we don’t leave a good massage to chance.  In your first visit we take extra time to learn your unique history to tailor a session to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Since 2001, our clients say things like, “There’s no substitute for talent.” That’s because I believe I have assembled the best team of therapists in the Bay Area and beyond. I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Our team has been recognized for their talent by winning numerous awards.
In 2017, we were voted Best Massage by Oakland Magazine, and the only Oakland-based Massage practice named in the top 5 of the Bay Area A-List.

Awards now include:
– Winner, Best Massage in Oakland and the East Bay by Oakland Magazine, 2017 & 2016
– Top 5, Bay Area A-List, 2017 & 2016
– Winner, Best Massage, Best of the Bay, Diablo Magazine 2013.

Our greatest reward, however, is the gift you give us in allowing us to help you feel the relief from stress and tension inside your body, something we do with our clients every day.

We’ve done nearly 30,000 hours of massage on over 3,000 clients. If we haven’t yet worked with you, we invite you, when the time is right, to feel the difference experience makes for yourself. If we have, and it’s been a while, when the time is right, we look forward to welcoming back.


Hana Levin, cmt, Founder
Melt Massage LLC

Important News and Updates

Virtual Massage? Yes! (it works!)

Posted On: November 18, 2020

Before Covid shut down business in March of 2020, I was working into my 20th year of relieving stress and tension through therapeutic massage full time.

Although it continues to be unclear exactly when in-person massage can safely and reliably reopen, what has become clear is how important it is that people are empowered to manage their own stress every day and how I can safely play a role to help.

That’s why I’m now offering Virtual Massage Services.

(It is different. But, it works!)

Offering Virtual Instruction in:

  • Self-care with self-massage
  • Other-care with massage for one another; friends or lovers, as “Couples Massage”

Clients of Virtual Massage Services say,

“Feeling good. Slept better last night.” Rebecca D.

“…really appreciate getting to learn some new techniques and ways to make massages easier and more effective.” – Carla H.

“My pain seems to me to be markedly diminished….You are a good and patient teacher.” – Glenn H.


How it works – by video call:

  • We start with a Discovery Dialogue
    • For self-care, to more effectively treat your discomfort, we review 10 topics to more fully understand the nature it
    • For other-care, we review your top 2 or 3 nagging physical complaints
  • We Set Goals and Establish Expectations for our time together
  • We assess your baseline Knowledge and I add to it

How long it takes ~ 1hr:

  • 15-30 minutes for Discovery dialogue
  • 30-45 minutes for goals, expectations, demonstration and instruction

What to expect ~ Relief!

  • In the comfort of your own home
  • Fully clothed
  • We will
    • establish a baseline for skills
      • What self/other care do you already do?
      • What works/doesn’t?
      • What do you want to work better?
    • demonstrate techniques
      • you show me – what you do, so I can determine what to add to it
      • I show you / guide you – what else I would do
        • leveraging what you already do
          • + ergonomic tips
          • + how to get more out of what you already do
        • adding easy-to-use secrets I’ve learned over 20 years
          • customized for what works for (both of) you
    • practice, review & refine techniques for
      • safety,
      • effectiveness &
      • stamina.

What to take away – New Skills!

  • By the time we’re done you should have new and proven, easy and effective ways to help yourself and the loved ones in your germ-pod feel lasting relief from stress and tension leveraging your learning from one massage to the next.

How to schedule / For more information:

  • email: Hana@MeltMassage.net
  • call / text: 510-418-4262

Looking forward to connecting with you.

In health,


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An important announcement about Melt

Posted On: September 2, 2020

Lack of information about the novel corona virus and financial demands of the business are requiring us to close this location. Read below or watch the video I emailed clients for more on this.

~                            ~                               ~                                ~                             ~

I can’t believe we’re entering our 6th month of Shelter-in-Place with our business closed due to the pandemic.

Although some have thought I’ve had nothing but time on my hands, quite the opposite is true. I’ve been working daily doing research and inquiry to answer critical questions about how to safely navigate the novel corona virus and the possibility of reopening at some point while finding ways to keep the business alive until that time.

At this point, here is what it all boils down to. Even now, with all the information I have, and with information changing on a regular basis, there is still not enough that is understood about this virus for me to confidently know that I wouldn’t be putting myself or my clients at risk if Melt Massage reopens, even with an outdoor option. Plus, I injured my back years ago doing out-call, so I don’t do that anymore.

However, Joanna does do out-call and now that it is legal in Alameda County with a Doctor’s note, Joanna would consider seeing clients outdoors or indoors on a case by case basis since she, herself, is immuno-compromised.

So, it is with great sadness, after 9 years in this location, and after 19 years in Montclair Village, that I am formally closing in-person operations of Melt Massage until further notice. I am relinquishing our location at 6180 Antioch Street. The business can no longer support the ongoing rent without income, and with so much uncertainty about when this can change to a feasible level, the only thing that makes sense now is to close.

Who do you know who can make good use of the space? Please let me know right away.

I will continue researching, learning as much as I can about this virus and how to stay safe and practice as safely as possible around it, and share with those who are interested. Please share what you learn with me, as well.

I will continue to offer on-line self-care and massage instruction for couples, friends, and social bubbles / pods. I will continue to explore new ways virtually to help you stress less to be your best.

For those of you with gift certificate or package credit that has yet to be redeemed, I will be in touch to offer you refunds. If you reach out first, please be patient with me as recent purchases are easier to research digitally but historical purchases, kept on paper, are now housed in moving boxes and may require some digging. And, closing a business requires closing many different open ends that take time.

To our existing clients, I am grateful to each and every one of you for the gifts you have given me over the years; the honor of being present with you, learning from you, facilitating with you releasing your stress and tension, and melting into your better selves.  I am grateful to you for allowing me to do that.

To our future clients, I look forward to a time when it is safe to meet and work with you helping you stress less to be your best.

To all clients, doing massage has been the most gratifying work I’ve done. For that privilege, I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

In health,

~ Hana
Hana Levin, cmt, Founder
Melt Massage LLC

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Save your lungs from Smoke damage

Posted On: August 24, 2020

(Update 8/24/20**) Fortunately? due to COVID-19, we are well versed in the first way to

protect your lungs: wear a mask, and*

While we are now also experiencing smoke from lightning fires, too, wearing a mask is doubly helpful.

Around the Bay Area there are various levels of air pollutants including from these fires. To protect your lungs, the best thing you can do right now is to get to an area with lower levels and stay there until you can return home.

If you can’t, consider tapping into these resources:

*Take recommendations from:

Monitor Air Quality in your area on:

During the wildfires, consider some natural remedies suggested by Acupuncturist, Leslie Oldershaw, including:

  • Doing saline rinses for both eyes and sinuses. Make your own saline solution.
    Staying well hydrated can help the lungs stay moist and help to clear out particulate matter.
  • Drinking herbal tea such as Throat Coat can help sooth an irritated throat.
  • After the wildfires, consider:
    aerobic exercise (once the smoke has cleared) to clear your lungs,
    other remedies to detox your lungs and
    therapeutic massage to help detox your body (once we reopen – see our latest Blog post for more on reopening).

Do you have any other tips to share? Please do!

**Thank you to our client, Kim W., for these DIY home air purifier suggestions!:


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