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In response to COVID-19, we continue to adapt to the changing demands of this personal and global health crisis. Read more in our latest Blog Post.

This does not change what we believe.

You are unique in all the world. There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone exactly like you. That deserves to be honored, respected and celebrated.

That’s why at Melt Massage, we don’t leave a good massage to chance.  In your first visit we take extra time to learn your unique history to tailor a session to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Since 2001, our clients say things like, “There’s no substitute for talent.” That’s because I believe I have assembled the best team of therapists in the Bay Area and beyond. I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Our team has been recognized for their talent by winning numerous awards.
In 2017, we were voted Best Massage by Oakland Magazine, and the only Oakland-based Massage practice named in the top 5 of the Bay Area A-List.

Awards now include:
– Winner, Best Massage in Oakland and the East Bay by Oakland Magazine, 2017 & 2016
– Top 5, Bay Area A-List, 2017 & 2016
– Winner, Best Massage, Best of the Bay, Diablo Magazine 2013.

Our greatest reward, however, is the gift you give us in allowing us to help you feel the relief from stress and tension inside your body, something we do with our clients every day.

We’ve done nearly 30,000 hours of massage on over 3,000 clients. If we haven’t yet worked with you, we invite you, when the time is right, to feel the difference experience makes for yourself. If we have, and it’s been a while, welcome back.


Hana Levin, cmt, Founder
Melt Massage

Important News and Updates

Reopening remains paused

Posted On: July 28, 2020

(Update: 8/8/20, 8/3/20 Reopening Plan link updated. Originally posted: 7/28/20)

Clarity is key. On July 20th, the Mercury News published that “Californians will finally be able to get their hair cut, nails done and body massaged anywhere in the state — so long as they’re OK doing it outside.” However, this is not (yet) true for Alameda County per their Reopening Plan as of July 22nd, where “reopening remains paused due to continued elevated disease transmission and State restrictions.” Here’s the latest Alameda County “Situation Update” as of August 4th.

As of August 7th, the City of Oakland’s Economic & Workforce Development Department reminds us that “While the Governor announced plans for opening of outdoor salons last week, the current Alameda County Health Order does not allow salons, barbershops and personal services (nails, tattoos and massage) to operate. Local orders prevail in areas where they are more restrictive than the State order.”

What does this mean for massage? Even if we feel healthy, are taking all the precautions, and could consider working with clients who are also healthy and have been taking precautions as well, there are still too many unknowns yet for us to confidently, safely do massage. And out of our commitment to promoting health and wellness, it does not make sense to do so.

What we do know, is, just like the common cold, the novel corona virus, COVID-19, can spread by asymptomatic transmission. Unlike the common cold, COVID-19 can be fatal. Weighing the risks vs benefits, a massage is simply not worth dying for.

We also know it makes no difference to COVID-19 if you feel healthy. We now know that even for people with no preexisting conditions, COVID-19 can be fatal.

Furthermore, if we decide to go back to work before it is deemed safe by the State, the County of Alameda and the City of Oakland, both our professional certification and our professional insurance are at risk of being revoked.

Our commitment to your health and wellness is aligned with these governing bodies, as well as our certifying and insuring agencies, as our primary concern. And, in order for us to be here when this is ‘over’, our health and wellness is our concern, as well.

We know we will all get through this. And we will get through this faster if we all take a deep breath, slow down, and do the right thing right now: wear a mask in public, frequently wash your hands with soap (especially before and after touching your face), keep physical distance of 6′ from others, and encourage others to doing the same.

We miss giving massages and seeing our clients and hope that we can resume doing so very soon.

In health,

~ Hana Levin, cmt, Founder, Melt Massage LLC

PS. To stay up to date on changes, see Alameda’s Reopening Plan.

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We’re gearing up to Reopen…

Posted On: May 27, 2020

But, we’re not there yet. Our certifying body, the California Massage Therapists Council (CAMTC) has taken a strong and safe approach to protecting their members and the public from COVID-19, and so are we. As of May 26, 2020, CAMTC has reminded all licensed certified massage therapists in California that we are required to comply with the Governor’s orders to not yet reopen massage practices or be at risk of losing our certification.

Although Alameda County has allowed retail, manufacturing and warehouses to make modified openings, it explicitly stated businesses that are not allowed to reopen at this time include Massage. To date, they have offered no specific date when we would be allowed to reopen.

The City of Oakland notes, “It takes approximately 2 weeks to see the effects of recently allowed activities on the indicators. Ongoing favorable results will be the deciding factors to further relaxation.” So, it’s up to us to continue to do our part to help Oakland fully open sooner.

For the time being, we are gearing up to reopen safely and continue to explore ways to help you stress less from home. One new way is by offering Telehealth Pain Relief consultations by telephone and video. For this, contact us at: 510-418-4262 or email: Admin@MeltMassage.net.

Otherwise, check our other Resources online.

Stay tuned, stay safe and be well.


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