Ice or Heat?

Clients with aches or pains often ask me, “Should I ice it or apply heat?”

That depends. 

Does the skin where it hurts feel:

  • warmer than the skin around that area? Then, to bring balance, put ice
  • the same temperature as the area around it? Then, try heat.

Unsure about the temperature of the achy tissue? Try one, compare how it feels before and after. Then try the other. Your body will tell you the right answer. 🙂



How long should I ice? – Until it doesn’t feel cold anymore

How long should I heat? – Until it doesn’t feel noticeably warm anymore


iFAQ: (inFrequently Asked Questions)

If the pain is resolved, how soon can I return to normal activities? – Healing is a process. To avoid re-injury, slowly ramp back up to normal activities over time.


Neither ice nor heat help? Have additional questions? Then contact me for a Complimentary Consultation so we can troubleshoot the problem to get you feeling better faster together.

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