Covid Safety Protocols

Standard Health & Safety Protocols:

Prior to Covid standard practices included:
– using fresh and clean massage table linens for each client
– washing hands and arms deeply between clients (at least 20 seconds with soap)
– running a Hepa filter in the room at all times when preparing for and seeing clients
– rescheduling instead of seeing clients who show up sick (see Cancelation Policy)
– monitoring my own health daily and rescheduling appointments accordingly when necessary
– cleaning high touch surfaces daily.

Covid Health & Safety Protocols: In addition to the above, now include:

– cleaning and sanitizing all high-touch surfaces between every client
– cleaning and sanitizing the massage table and headrest between every client
– having clients complete a pre-screening* health questionnaire before every session
– asking clients who travel to wait 1-2 weeks to book a session, a “travel health buffer”
– wearing an N95 mask during check-in and check out
– wearing 2 N95 masks as well as a face-shield during session
– clients wearing an appropriate face mask properly throughout session
– excluding face work for now
– keeping windows open and air circulating in the room
upon arrival to an appointment:
– asking clients to wash their hands well before session, even if recently washed
– taking our temperatures to ensure neither of us has a fever
– reviewing the pre-screening health answers for any changes since completion.

*Click this link to see the Prescreening Health Questionnaire.

Thank you, in advance, for your understanding and support of personal and public health by abiding by these protocols.

For questions, concerns, to learn more or share what you’ve learned, please email me at

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