Learn How to Give a Great Massage!

The Power to Heal is not just in my hands, it’s in Your hands, too.

Discover your inner Massage Therapist

Whether you have some or no training in massage at all, this class is for you if you love to give, and receive, a great massage. Feel better right away and take home the tools to continue getting better and better at giving a professional-style massage that works for you and makes them Melt, every time.

No need to register for a whole course or massage training program.

In-person professional massage classes provide the personalized coaching you can’t get from a recorded video. Translate words and images into touch with a professional who can help you feel what you’re looking for and help you know when you’ve got it.

Small group class:

Book early. Class will fill. Space is limited.

-> Pre-Registration Required. No Walk-ins <-

Saturday, July 20, 2024, 10am – 12noon*

Secrets of Massage Magic

You are amazing! Your body is full of magic and mystery. In over 30 years of doing bodywork I’ve discovered some of this vast mystery and magic, some of which I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to share with you in the course of your massages, like in feeling unexpected connections in the body and surprising relief from simple techniques. But there’s more! And it’s too good not to share!

I’ve discovered

  • where there are potent points in the body that lead to quick relief,
  • what simple techniques there are to reduce tension where we carry it the most,
  • how to massage oneself or others in ways that leave us feeling better, too,
  • and more.

And I’m ready to share with you what I’ve learned!

Space is limited. So act now.

Sign up with a friend so you can practice on each other.

* Registration open through Wednesday, July 17, 2024 only. *


Rate: $150 per student per class

Register with friends and $ave:

Register yourself and 1-2 friends, each gets $15 Cash Back at class

Register yourself and 3-4 friends, each gets $20 Cash Back at class

If you sign-up with a friend, let us know.


Private “couples classes” starting at $220 / 1 hour: available during Melt’s regular business hours weekdays can be scheduled here.


Leverage my learning from multiple certifications and over

30 years of experience.

  • Learn the 3 P’s that lead to a perfect massage.
  • Learn the 2 Q’s that set you up for success.
  • Learn the 1 request that is the source of my magic, and will be for you, too.
  • *Plus learn the key 3 steps that will keep you improving every time you practice.*


Logistics: Wear comfortable clothing. All massages done fully clothed for group classes. All equipment and materials provided. Covid and general health protocols followed. If you’ve been sick or getting over being sick the week before class but well enough to be around babies/the elderly the day of class, you may be asked to wear a mask. Otherwise, please note my current Masking Policy

Let’s get Melting!


*This date/time not work for you, but you’re interested to learn more? Email your questions.




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