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Mother’s Day Gift: Virtual Massage Class!

Leverage my 30 years’ of experience with a unique gift this Mother’s Day: Virtual Massage Class! A great way for mothers and daughters or sons to connect and deepen their bond.     Learn more here. Happy Mother’s Day!  

Corona-versary? It’s been a heck of a year.

It’s been a heck of a year. Be kind to yourself. Healing is a process. We’ve circled around the sun to where it all began a year ago here, the official pronouncement of the global pandemic. Today is a year since Melt Massage stopped seeing clients in-person. It’s a sort of anniversary (a Corona-versary?), but […]

Pending Questions to Re-Open Safely

OPEN LETTER Dear Clients, I miss you! And, I miss massaging. However, before I feel it’s safe for me and for you for me to re-open, I still have some pending questions: 1. Regarding the latest variants, 1a. How much more contagious are they? 1b. How much more potent are they in causing disease and […]

Professionals I Trust

Who do you turn to for reliable health and safety information while navigating a world with Coronavirus? So far, here are my resources: WHO CDC CDPH (California Department of Public Health) UCSF Covid TownHall ACPHD (Alameda County Public Health Department) Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center Mike Olsterholm, CIDRAP (Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy) […]

Virtual Massage? Yes! (it works!)

Before Covid shut down business in March of 2020, I was working into my 20th year of relieving stress and tension through therapeutic massage full time. Although it continues to be unclear exactly when in-person massage can safely and reliably reopen, what has become clear is how important it is that people are empowered to […]

An important announcement about Melt

Lack of information about the novel corona virus and financial demands of the business are requiring us to close this location. Read below or watch the video I emailed clients for more on this. ~                            ~                               ~             […]

Save your lungs from Smoke damage

(Update 8/24/20**) Fortunately? due to COVID-19, we are well versed in the first way to protect your lungs: wear a mask, and* While we are now also experiencing smoke from lightning fires, too, wearing a mask is doubly helpful. Around the Bay Area there are various levels of air pollutants including from these fires. To […]

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