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Spring Clean your Body!

In this era for most people, the New Year is celebrated in the dead of winter. Millions of people around the world for over 3,000 years have been, and will today and for the next 13 days, be celebtating New Year or Nowruz, on the spring or vernal equinox. Traditional celebrations include music, rituals and special things […]

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Melt Specials

On Piedmont Avenue we are celebrating Women’s History Month with the brand new Women of the Avenue Shopping Passport! It offers specials and savings for men, women and non-binary folks at many Women Owned Businesses, including Melt! At Melt: Check out one of Melt’s self-care videos, post your feedback on Melt’s Facebook page, and receive […]

Should I ice or heat? or…both?

Should I Ice? Should I Heat? Should I alternate? How do I decide? Here’s a quick take on this topic. Here’s more for a deeper dive.

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