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Learn How to Give a Great Massage!

The Power to Heal is not just in my hands, it’s in Your hands, too. Discover your inner Massage Therapist Whether you have some or no training in massage at all, this class is for you if you love to give, and receive, a great massage. Feel better right away and take home the tools […]

Spring Clean your Body!

In this era for most people, the New Year is celebrated in the dead of winter. Millions of people around the world for over 3,000 years have been, and will today and for the next 13 days, be celebtating New Year or Nowruz, on the spring or vernal equinox. Traditional celebrations include music, rituals and special things […]

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Melt Specials

On Piedmont Avenue we are celebrating Women’s History Month with the brand new Women of the Avenue Shopping Passport! It offers specials and savings for men, women and non-binary folks at many Women Owned Businesses, including Melt! At Melt: Check out one of Melt’s self-care videos, post your feedback on Melt’s Facebook page, and receive […]

Should I ice or heat? or…both?

Should I Ice? Should I Heat? Should I alternate? How do I decide? Here’s a quick take on this topic. Here’s more for a deeper dive.

In Service of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day my day of service at work will give to the cause with a donation of proceeds to the Kingmakers of Oakland.     Proceeds from all massages and gift certificates purchased this day will go toward that donation.

New: McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release therapy

McLaughlin Scar Tissue Release technique is a gentle yet effective way of reducing the negative effects of scar tissue. Thank you to all my clients and colleagues who helped me get certified in this new technique! MSTR Certificate of proficiency Hana Levin

Ice or Heat?

Clients with aches or pains often ask me, “Should I ice it or apply heat?” That depends.  Does the skin where it hurts feel: warmer than the skin around that area? Then, to bring balance, put ice.  the same temperature as the area around it? Then, try heat. Unsure about the temperature of the achy […]

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