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Boost your Resilience

Check out The Science of Well-being online. Recommended by several respected colleagues it’s Yale most popular course in their history, for Free!  

E x h a l e

E x h a l e . . . . With all the news, images and information you’re taking in now, remember to Exhale. Notice your exhalation. Tension happens when we hold our breath, it causes stress to get held in the body. Your first defense to Let Go of Stress and Tension is to: […]

Responding to COVID-19: temporary closure

(Update 3/17/20, 12am: Alameda County’s “Shelter-in-place” order requires closures until at least April 7, 2020.) (The following statement is based on what we currently know about COVID-19, as of 3/16/20 12:30pm.) As always, and especially now, in the face of this global health crisis, Melt Massage is committed to keeping our therapists, our clients, and […]

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