Spring Clean your Body!

In this era for most people, the New Year is celebrated in the dead of winter. Millions of people around the world for over 3,000 years have been, and will today and for the next 13 days, be celebtating New Year or Nowruz, on the spring or vernal equinox.

Traditional celebrations include music, rituals and special things to eat. Some people celebrate this time of year by doing a deep cleaning of their homes, their lives or their bodies.

During this time of rising energy, are you doing or considering doing a cleanse?

If so, it’s a great time to use massage to help your body detox. Massage itself is detoxing and there are specific immune system boosting and detoxing techniques you can ask for to help you with your cleanse, including an abdominal massage. It can be gentle and very effective to help you let go of old stuff. To learn more, just ask.

However you celebrate, I’m wishing each and every one of you a very Happy New Year on this first day of Spring!

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