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Learn How to Give a Great Massage!

The Power to Heal is not just in my hands, it’s in Your hands, too. Discover your inner Massage Therapist Whether you have some or no training in massage at all, this class is for you if you love to give, and receive, a great massage. Feel better right away and take home the tools […]

Couples Massage Class!

You love your friend/partner. You notice when they’re in pain or have tension. You want to help them feel more relaxed. You’d like to give them a massage, but you have questions…   How do I find the knots? How much pressure should I use? How can my massage be more relaxing for them? Given […]

Virtual Massage? Yes! (it works!)

Revised June 16, 2023 Although there were many trials and tragedies from the pandemic, one thing I’m grateful for is that it gave birth to Melt’s Virtual Massage services! It is different. But, it works! Now offering real live online Private Couples Massage Class!   Clients of Private Online massage classes say, “Feeling good. Slept […]

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