Thanksgiving is an opportunity

The truth of Thanksgiving is that it is not as advertised, just all rosy with Turkey and Apple Pie. We can ignore the truth of the whole story of each side, pilgrims and Native Peoples, and go back for seconds of our favorite dish and talk about what we’re grateful for. But, our gratitude is not enough when we ignore the pain of others. When we ignore the pain of others (Native Americans / Black Lives / Me Too), we miss an opportunity for deeper connection, for healing the wounds of our country’s past that, alive today, continue to pervade our country’s conscious.

When we make space at the table to include all voices in remembering this day we hear the full song of Thanksgiving, with sweet melodies of gratitude mixed with mourning songs of loss. Let us take this opportunity of this holiday to remember both sides of the story so it may be whole, so we may be whole.

Maybe this Thanksgiving there will be someone at your table whose views you don’t agree with. What would it be like to listen to include their voice, to consider their perspective, to try to connect with them more, better?

Let this Thanksgiving be an opportunity for building more connections, for healing.

With gratitude,


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