Responding to COVID-19: temporary closure

(Update 3/17/20, 12am: Alameda County’s “Shelter-in-place” order requires closures until at least April 7, 2020.)

(The following statement is based on what we currently know about COVID-19, as of 3/16/20 12:30pm.)

As always, and especially now, in the face of this global health crisis, Melt Massage is committed to keeping our therapists, our clients, and the communities we touch, directly and indirectly, healthy and safe.

I had been cautiously optimistic that by following guidelines for minimizing transmission of the Corona virus*, we could keep our doors open, providing services to all those who felt comfortable keeping their appointments.

However, because the incubation period has been estimated at 5.1 days, we can have it and pass it on without knowing it. Also, today I read an article that tipped the scales for my response to this crisis. It organized information from numerous scientific articles and explained the data, making it relevant not just globally but also personally, the conclusion of which is:

The earlier you impose heavy measures, the less time you need to keep them…and the fewer people get infected.”

In addition, today I got an email from our massage therapists’ governing body, CAMTC, that said,

“The health crisis presented by the Corona virus is unprecedented. The crisis is public and personal and our response needs to be equal to the challenges.”

recommending we stop providing hands-on services until further notice.

Therefore, to be part of the solution and help flatten the curve as soon as possible and get back to some semblance of normalcy, I have decided to temporarily close Melt Massage at least through the end of March. We will re-evaluate the situation at that time. I will make updates to our website, Facebook page and voicemail as the situation evolves. Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns.

As this situation is fluid, we will continue to adapt and respond as needed toward the long term health and well-being of all involved. Stay tuned. And take good care of yourself and those around you.

In health,


Hana Levin, cmt, Founder
Melt Massage

PS. For self-massage you can do from home, check our Resources for you.

PPS. If you’ve been on a binge diet of bad news lately, consider balancing your information diet out with images made to Soothe your Eyeballs or Warm your Animal-loving heart. Your cortisol levels will appreciate it. May even boost your immune system.

PSPS. *Our health-care practices include:
– A healthy environment
o At Melt, we have increased frequencies of cleaning our hands and our space. We believe with our good hygiene practices as standard protocol at Melt Massage, and with increased frequencies of cleaning, that the risk of getting or spreading this threat with us is low.
o To support a healthy environment, we also have Ionic Pro air filters running in our treatment rooms during every session and have done so for many years.
– Working healthy / with the healthy
o In addition, although we come in close contact with people for our work, we have a policy of only working when we’re healthy and only working with healthy clients which some clients can attest to if they’ve come in sick, “kind of sick” or “getting over being sick” and been rescheduled. This policy is fully noted in our Cancelation Policy as well as the Waiver we ask you to sign before you begin your first session.

FYI –  Our basic and recently revised health-care practices are informed by:

CAMTC – California Massage Therapy Council, our professional organization
CDPH – California Department of Public Health
CDC – Centers for Disease Control and the
WHO – World Health Organization.

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