Feeling the heat? Chill out! with these 6 tricks to cool yourself now:

  1. Wrap your wrists around your cold drink glass
  2. Hold your cold drink glass against the inside of your other elbow, then switch sides
  3. Wrap a piece of ice in your napkin and place in the nook behind your earlobe, switch sides
  4. Roll your napkin-wrapped ice cube all around the inside of your ankle, switch sides
  5. If your ice hasn’t melted already, remove the ice and place the wet napkin behind your knee, bending your knee to fold over the napkin to keep it in place. When the cool disappears, repeat behind other knee
  6. Re-wet your napkin with ice or cold water and drape it across the back of your neck, making a cool scarf

Let me know how these work for you and what other cool body-tricks you know of to cool yourself down in the heat!

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