Revised Cancelation Policy

Possibly sick at your Massage Appointment? Read the latest updated policy to learn more:

Many contagious illnesses, from the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, to the common cold, can be spread by sneezing, coughing or even talking near someone. In support of our health, and maintaining a healthy environment for your massage where we will spend time near each other, we do not massage people when they are sick or “getting over being sick.” Getting a massage when you’re sick or have recently been exposed to someone who is sick is a bad idea for you and for the therapist as it could make your illness worse and spread the illness.

If you have any symptoms of being sick within 5 days before your appointment, please reschedule. Also, if you are not actively sick, but have been around someone within the last 5 days who you know is or has recently been sick, please reschedule.

If you show up to an appointment when you have recently been exposed to someone actively sick or are sick yourself, full payment for your appointment may be due and service declined. To avoid this uncomfortable and costly situation, as soon as you think you may be sick by your appointment time, and no later than 24 hours before your appointment, please reschedule.*

According to the Mayo Clinic the incubation period of a cold, after exposure and before the first symptom, can be 1-3 days. Before we show any symptoms, we may also be spreading a cold. “A person with a cold is contagious for the entire time their symptoms are present.”

We know Covid is contagious with our without symptoms, from 2-14 days for most people, longer for others. This is why I still mask.

If you have had Covid before your massage make sure you have had two sequential negative tests at least one day apart and have been 100% free of symptoms for at least 5 days.


You have the power to prevent the spread of disease. Please exercise this power.


To learn more, read the full Cancelation Policy.


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