Save your lungs from Smoke damage

(Update 8/24/20**) Fortunately? due to COVID-19, we are well versed in the first way to

protect your lungs: wear a mask, and*

While we are now also experiencing smoke from lightning fires, too, wearing a mask is doubly helpful.

Around the Bay Area there are various levels of air pollutants including from these fires. To protect your lungs, the best thing you can do right now is to get to an area with lower levels and stay there until you can return home.

If you can’t, consider tapping into these resources:

*Take recommendations from:

Monitor Air Quality in your area on:

During the wildfires, consider some natural remedies suggested by Acupuncturist, Leslie Oldershaw, including:

  • Doing saline rinses for both eyes and sinuses. Make your own saline solution.
    Staying well hydrated can help the lungs stay moist and help to clear out particulate matter.
  • Drinking herbal tea such as Throat Coat can help sooth an irritated throat.
  • After the wildfires, consider:
    aerobic exercise (once the smoke has cleared) to clear your lungs,
    other remedies to detox your lungs and
    therapeutic massage to help detox your body (once we reopen – see our latest Blog post for more on reopening).

Do you have any other tips to share? Please do!

**Thank you to our client, Kim W., for these DIY home air purifier suggestions!:

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