Pending Questions to Re-Open Safely


Dear Clients,

I miss you! And, I miss massaging.

However, before I feel it’s safe for me and for you for me to re-open, I still have some pending questions:

1. Regarding the latest variants,

1a. How much more contagious are they?

1b. How much more potent are they in causing disease and even death?

1c. How effective are they at eluding antibody or vaccine efficacy?

1d. Will the variants generate another surge?

2. What are the chances of asymptomatic transmission either from those with natural antibodies or vaccination?

3. How durable is immunity from natural antibodies or different vaccinations?


The thing is, I know the delay between real-time risk and research reporting can be weeks, months or even years from my time working as a researcher at UCSF before doing massage work full-time. The data simply won’t be in until well after risks may have been taken, until they would have been too late to avoid.

Before returning to in-person practice, I’m waiting for more answers and following the guidance of professionals I trust who are monitoring the pandemic.

Stay tuned.

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