Have you ever woken up with a pinched nerve?

“Liz” did. She called last week hoping to come in for relief from a pinched nerve in her neck from too much holiday cooking, hosting, wrapping, and stressing. She didn’t have time to be out of commission because New Year’s and birthdays were right around the corner.
We do tend to book up so, were booked full already for that day.
So, to help her feel better right away, I did the next best thing I could…
I spent a few minutes on the phone with her getting a little history, exploring what she was doing so far to help it along, and offered some suggestions including heat, ice, lying flat and traction.
Everyone’s situation is a little different, but if we can’t get you in right away I’m happy to have a brief conversation by phone to offer what help I can until we can get you in.

~ Hana
PS. In 2018 we will be sharing more and more on Facebook and through Blog posts on our website, so look there for more self-care and tips for feeling better.

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