Top 3 Tips for Traveling without Pain

Looking forward to traveling but not the aches and pains that go with it?

Try this. In carry-on bag, pack:

1) Tennis ball – for use on tight spots in glutes, lower back and on soles of feet. Seated, place tennis ball under tight spot in glute, or lean on between lower back and the seat or in socked feet, lean foot onto ball to leverage pressure.

2) Hot water bottle (empty) – because Security will take your ice gel packs, pack an empty hot water bottle to use for crushed ice, making your own ice pack! Once past Security find a food/drink vendor with a soda machine which often also has a crushed ice feature. Ask for crushed ice in your hot water bottle. Seal and enjoy. Good for Lower back irritation, pain caused by injury or inflammation, or from sitting too long. While your back is still cold, be careful not to stand quickly or strain back. Wait until the iced area has returned to body temperature before exerting normal strain, like getting your luggage an deplaning. Alternately, you can get your hot water bottle filled with hot water at an airport coffee shop or even on the plane by a flight attendant to ease tight stiff muscles from sitting still in a dry environment for hours.

3) For more tips on self-care, while traveling and at home, check out our self-care videos.

And if you have other ideas you think it’d be great to share, let us know!

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