We’re gearing up to Reopen…

But, we’re not there yet. Our certifying body, the California Massage Therapists Council (CAMTC) has taken a strong and safe approach to protecting their members and the public from COVID-19, and so are we. As of May 26, 2020, CAMTC has reminded all licensed certified massage therapists in California that we are required to comply with the Governor’s orders to not yet reopen massage practices or be at risk of losing our certification.

Although Alameda County has allowed retail, manufacturing and warehouses to make modified openings, it explicitly stated businesses that are not allowed to reopen at this time include Massage. To date, they have offered no specific date when we would be allowed to reopen.

The City of Oakland notes, “It takes approximately 2 weeks to see the effects of recently allowed activities on the indicators. Ongoing favorable results will be the deciding factors to further relaxation.” So, it’s up to us to continue to do our part to help Oakland fully open sooner.

For the time being, we are gearing up to reopen safely and continue to explore ways to help you stress less from home. One new way is by offering Telehealth Pain Relief consultations by telephone and video. For this, contact us at: 510-418-4262 or email: Admin@MeltMassage.net.

Otherwise, check our other Resources online.

Stay tuned, stay safe and be well.


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