Prepare to Be Healthy as Seasons Change

A little planning can go a long way when the change of seasons stresses your immune system.
Minimize your risk of getting sick by:

– managing stress
– giving “no touch hugs” or bumping elbows instead of shaking hands if you are sick or worried someone else might be
– staying hydrated
– getting extra sleep & good nutrition
– getting massages regularly*

*However, if you feel symptoms of cold or flu that would cause you to be cautious visiting a sick friend or a newborn baby, within 24-48 hours before you have a massage booked, please rebook that massage.

“Getting over a cold” = still sick.

Getting a massage when you’re sick can make you sicker and spread your sickness. Help us help you get well by rescheduling your massage and limiting the spread of sickness.

Melt’s Cancellation Policy

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